Thursday, February 08, 2007

Working on UFO's

After taking Judy Neimeyers class (Raindrops - at Quilts By the Bay in Galveston) I am no longer afraid of Paper Piecing! It finally clicked. So, I finished up 10 ( of 30) of the large rings, and then decided to work on the CONESTOGA STAR paper piecing project that was really eating my lunch at the retreat last fall.

I worked on the wedges last night and the day before. I now have 84 of the little puppies done. (need at least 100 to do 25 blocks). My goal is to finish piecing the wedges before the retreat March 30-31.
However, I do need to be working on my customer quilts, as we have our quilt show March 9-10 and I imagine that they would like some time to put the binding on before they have to turn them in. So I will get my butt in gear and work on Gail's StashBox quilt.
Also added more projects to my lists at the side. They are not necessarily listed in order.

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