Thursday, July 19, 2007

Festival confirmations are starting to arrive. Received my confiramtion for Market, but haven't gotten mine for Festival yet. Everyone else in my Thursday Bee has been getting theirs in the mail this week. Since I faxed both orders at the same time, you would think they would arrive on the same day!!

I signed up for a Janet Fogg Design class, Accidental Lanscapes, a longarm Maintenance class with Ron Paul. and a Disappearing 9-patch with Nancy Brennan Daniel that turns into stars. Sounds like fun.

Of course Market/Festival is always fun, as my birthday falls during Festival, so hubby gets off the hook for buying something for me, and I just get to go shopping like crazy!


CONNIE W said...

Hi, I'm a longarm quilter and I am considering going to the Houston quilt show. Although I've been before, I didn't attend Market. Does being a LA quilter make one eligible to attend Market? Thanks. Connie @ Simply Quilted

Betty said...

Hi Connie, yes, if you are a business, dosen't matter whether you are a quilt shop owner or longarmer. You'll want to check the website (or call them) but the requirements are something like SAles Tax ID, Business Card, and invoices during last year from distributors (like Checkers or Hobbs) for $300.00. You renew the documentation every other year.

If you are able to go, it is definitly worth it. There are vendors selling batting, thread, pantos, and everything else you can imagine for the longarmer. Of course it is geared for the Quilt Shop owner, but you might decide to add additional products for sale, which I started doing after first attending market a couple of years ago.


Jeanne said...

It sounds exciting. It's been ten years since I was there. I'm sure it's even bigger and better now.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Have fun! I bet you will be amazed at all you learn in your LA class. Can't wait to see what you make in Janet Foggs class - I hear shes wonderful!

Mary Johnson said...

I love Janet Fogg's quilts - that should be an interesting class.