Friday, August 17, 2007

4 Things About Me !

OK, been tagged, to list 4 things...

4 things you may not know about me
1. Love to watch movies that make me laugh then cry
2. Have lost 85 pounds in the last year.
3. Been married over 30 years
4. I really am a blonde!!!

4 Jobs I have had:
1. Professional Quilter
2. Computer Programmer
3. Public Relations person
4. Electrician (yep, tool belt and all!)

4 Movies I could watch over and over:
1. Blast From the Past
2. Independence Day
3. Men in Black
4. Armageddon (Bruce Willis)

4 TV Shows I watch:
1. Smallville
2. Criminal Minds
3. NCIS & the Unit
4. Any Star Trek series

4 Hobbies:
1 Quilting!!
2 Genealogy
3 Gardening
4 anything on the web, ebay, surfing etc.

4 Places I have lived
1 Wichita KS
2 Plattsburgh, NY
3 Tulsa, OK
4 Aurora, Colorado.

4 Favorite Foods:
1 Not an issue any more

4 Places I would rather be:
1. I really love being home, that's also where my studio is.
2. back on the beach in Maui
3. on a quilting cruise
4. visiting my kids in either Atlanta or San Antonio

4 Websites I visit daily:
1. Google
2. NetAddress
3. Neal Boortz
4. FoxNews

4 people I tag to play this:
If you want to play, consider yourself tagged. Most of my buds don't have blogs :(


Beth said...

When did you live in Plattsburg??! I have lived in Arizona now for almost 23 yrs, but my dad was stationed at Plattsburg AFB when I was growing up. I went to a summer camp near Whiteface for about 10 yrs off and on. We went back there for a year when my dad was in Vietnam. The Adirondacks are one of my FAVORITE places I have been on the planet!

Betty said...

We were in Plattsuburgh while hubby was in Air Force from late 1977 to 1981. Would love to go back for a visit some day. We were there during the Olympics at Lake Placid.