Saturday, September 22, 2007

Phil Beaver Workshop

Those of you that know me, know that I don't 'need' to start any more projects. But OMG, I have found a new calling. I took a 2 day workshop with Phil Beaver through the Greater Houston Quilt Guild last week.

Picture to the left is Phil in front of some of his pieces. He's telling us that WE are going to be able to make these beautiful sunflowers and poinsettias! Yeah right!

Here we are 'watching paint dry' literally! We laid out the class' painted fabric edge to edge, sprinkled rock salt over them, spritzed them with water again, and now waiting for them to dry. We did all of this BEFORE lunch the first day. These were absolutely gorgeous. As they dried, they got better and better.

This orange one is one that I made so I could do pumpkins! I was able to get two sunflowers cut out and laid out before I had to leave to go to the West Houston guild meeting that night.

Phil is looking at Mary Jo's layout. She did sunflowers and several pumpkins. Can'twait to see how these turn out.

A couple of my friends that WEREN'T in the workshop want to try this, so look for more to come!!


Sewing Up A Storm said...

Wow that looks like it must have been one terrific workshop! I hope you get to make something out of your fabrics and be sure to post some photos!

Granny said...

Oh, that looks like fun! Phil Beaver didn't live too far from where we lived in KY and I always intended to take a workshop from him . . and never did!

swooze said...

Those quilts look great. Thanks for sharing.

Carole said...

Wow, what a fun class! looking forward to seeing what you'll do with pieces! Keep well!

Lynn Douglass said...

What fun you had, Betty! I'd love to take a class with Phil Beaver. Our guild doesn't host artsy quilters, so I guess this might call for a road trip! :-)
See you in Houston!

Greenmare said...

Does that ever look cool! I'm looking forward to seeing more of this in your blog!!