Friday, September 07, 2007

San Antonio Visit

What fun! Daughter Rachael and her husband flew in from Atlanta, and we drove straight to San Antonio to visit other daughter. Can't remember the name of the town, but ended up being pretty close to Fredricksburg, lots of shopping in neat little shops. Nice lunch at a Mexican restaurant, saw turtles swimming and so on. Beautiful day, not too hot, low humidity (OK - low for Texas). Then we went to the Kendall county fair, saw the tail end of the rodeo, fireworks and local bands playing.

Harley (far left) cooked the most tender venison steaks out on the grill along with some chicken. Couldn't remember venison tasting so good!

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Nicole & Phil said...

great to have your family together! Have you finished the binding on that UFO yet? I would love to see a photo of it!