Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fay School Quilts

Been busy the last couple of weeks finishing up quilts for the Fay Schools in Houston. This school has a gala each year and moms volunteer to get a quilt made for the auction that goes on at the gala as a fundraiser. This first one, I just quilted the top, the mom will add the pictures over the quilting. Did kind of a free hand flame meander on this one.

This next one was for the 4th graders and it has a western theme. This one used iron-on transfers rather than printing the pictures on fabric. Wouldn't suggest doing that again! Boy, one touch with an iron and 'poof' the color is gone! Had a little mishap with one of the pictures, and had to have that one reprinted. Quilt turned out cute with those smiling faces and brands.

The third one was very creative! It is titled Mrs. Lewis Rock Stars. Those are sequined letters. The crazy quilt background is every kind of fabric that you DREAD sewing on! Lames, fur, plastic and sequins! This one was definitly a challenge, and fortunately my good friend Nita has a LOT more patience than I do. She did all the assembly work on this one. This quilt, the DENIM back and batting were quilted separately from the top. After Nita got the pictures attached, I attached the top more like a comforter. Only 2 of the three layers are quilted! It turned out really cute. The moms did an awesome job with the photos. The kids are all singing or playing an instrument.
I didn't get a picture of the other one for the Fay school. It was Gees Bend inspired, but they used beautiful upholstery fabrics. Only problem was that the mom did not sew, so she GLUED the seams for the center part. The pictures that went around that one were sepia toned. I had my doubts at first, but it turned out pretty nice. The quilting on that one reinforced the 'seams' and I doubt that quilt will ever go in a washing machine, so it should hold up.
My buddy Linda did a Fay school quilt as well. It's called SEA SCAPE and is awesome. Yellow submarine with the kids faces in the windows! Really cute.
My other quilting buddy Sharon also does these quilts, and each one turns out TOTALLY different. The moms have such good imagination, but no clue about selecting fabrics or limitations that WE might have working with their ideas. This is the 2nd year I worked on these, and am always relieved when we're done.

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