Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Greek or Knit talk???

Found this scarf pattern (included on the yarn package) . What a gorgeous scarf. Going to try it, to get the hang of knitting, so that it will feel more comfortable switching back and forth between knit and purl. Actually, did pretty good using the double pointed needles. Can't show you what I did on Nancy's needles.... she pulled it all out. :(

Bought some lucisous yarn at the Yarntopia shop in Katy TX. I think it will make a beautiful scarf for my daughters birthday coming up in April.

•2 Skeins of Manos del Uruguay
•US 11 Needles•Darning Needle


•psso-pass slipped stitch over
•P2tog-purl 2 together

•CO 30 stitches
•Row 1: K1, *sl 1, K1, psso but before dropping the slipped stitch from the left needle, knit into the back of it* repeat until there is one stitch left, K1
•Row 2: *P2tog, do not slip stitches off the needle, purl the first stitch again, slip both stitches off needle*
•Repeat rows 1 and 2 until you run out of yarn.
•Weave in all ends.
SL=slip. K=Knit. PSSO= Pass slipped stitch over.
Slip stitch from left-hand needle to right-hand one without knitting it.
Knit the next stitch.
Insert tip of left-hand needle into the slipped stitch, pass it over the knitted stitch, and off needle.

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