Wednesday, February 03, 2010

January UFO Finished

This little Texas Pine tree star is my first UFO finish for 2010.  Just barely in under the wire, and only because I had to turn it in on the 28th for the  Tri County Quilt show.  Nothing like a deadline to get things done!  (That's weird, this new camera I have dates the pictures to the date you download not the date you took it.  Probably need to read the book.)

Can you believe it?  This is actually HAND QUILTED!!  There is a little bit of blanket stitch and the applique is fused.  A first for me, as I usually do needle-turn.  Oh well, finished is better than perfection.  Did most of the hand quilting in the car on various road trips, which is why it fell into the UFO pile.  Started it a couple of years ago, and found it on a shelf in the closet.

Been doing a bunch of knitting.  Caught that little bug at Quilt Festival of all places!  Anyway, finished several 'little' crafty projects, and am working on a felted rug right now.  It is a quilt pattern (HST - half square triangles) and will show pictures when it is done.  Another of my quilting friends has also started knitting and has already finished a hat and a shrug.  Way to go Michelle!  I realize now that my ambittion to make socks last year was a bit much, but am confident I can do it this year.  Next year I plan to join the sock club at Twisted Yarns in Spring, TX.    Guess I'll have to start a UFO KNIT project list as well.  .

No new fabric purchased this week, didn't cut any fabric or use any, but did work on several swaps where I cut the fabric last week.  Most of the swaps are due later in February.  Will show pictures after we swap.
More later.

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