Sunday, April 03, 2022

Quilts for Ukraine

We had a Call

QGOTV (Quilt Guild Of The Villages) is a very active quilt guild, boasting over 1200 members in The Villages, FL.  However,  the Mulberry Chapter (a smaller group that meets weekly) heard the call for a need for quilts of all sizes and styles to be sent to Ukraine.  

Sponsors like Scott Fortunoff of Free Sprit Fabrics has offered help with shipping costs. 

Saturday, April 02, 2022

Block Builder Swap Blocks

 What Are Block Builder Blocks?

Way back when, when I lived in the Houston area (2003-2021) , I was was involved in TWO Block Builder groups.  The first group was with the Greater Houston Quilt Guild and the second was the NO PITAs group in West Houston (a smaller group where we did NOT allow any known Pain In The Asses folks in the group).

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Quilt Class Etiquette

Tips For Having a Great Quilt Class Experience

I write this as someone who has taught many classes, and have taken many classes over the years.  Yeah, I have been quilting since the late 1970's (yes, I started quilting as an infant), and it is frustrating when others come to the class unprepared, or taking a more advanced class and want help  troubleshooting why they can't get their sewing machine to work.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Fabric Scissors! The Best In My Opinion!

Scissors For Quilting, Embroidery or Manicures!

I have a 'thing' about my scissors.   I have my scissors that I use for cutting fabrics, and those for paper!

I am so sorry to report that way back when, one of my daughters (sorry Lindsey) did not understand the importance of "my scissors'!  Oh my, she was using them to 'cut her cuticles'!!    WHAT???  I had 'reminded' her so many times that they were not for her personal use, that I made her replace a pair from her allowance.  (By the way, she still has and uses that 'ruined' pair of scissors that she bought- back in the '90's - and yes my little girl turned 40 in 2021 )!


Gingher 4" Scissors

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Changing of the Guard!

 OK,  All you folks that have visited the Shadywood Quilts shop.... knows Shiner the shop dog.  He happily greeted everyone who drove up to the shop.  Might be that he barked at you because you went to the house front door instead of the shop.  He sniffed your legs to see if you had lotion on.   And Beth H...  he couldn't figure out where your legs were (because you were always wearing a long dress)..  If you were accompanied by a baby, or maybe a special needs person, Shiner was so in tune, and gave tender sniffs and nudges.   

Our beloved Shiner crossed the rainbow bridge a few weeks ago.  My heart is broken.  He was with us for almost 16 years and was my best friend.  He is no longer in pain, and I'm sure he is chasing tennis balls again with his new found freedom.. 

Love you Shiner.