Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Skyrockets Workshop

Went to a workshop an all day last week, Sally Schneider taught us about making Skyrockets. This was a pretty good workshop, I even managed to get 5 blocks done. I don't have pictures of MY blocks, they are in the car already so I don't forget to take them to the day guild meeting tomorrow.

However, I did take a picture of the wall where everyone was putting their finished blocks. I love it when the students hang their blocks. With all the different fabric choices, the blocks always seem to look good together. There were batiks, 30's prints, random fabrics and so on. The success of the block is due to paying attention to the placement of the value in the block. Darks, mediums and lights. The Rocket part was supposed to the bold or dark part. Now the picture on the left uses a few different backgrounds to give the light effect in the center.

This is one project that I do plan to finish. Guess I better go add it to my UFO list .

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Anonymous said...

What a great block. Thanks for the group photo as it is nice to see this amazing block worked up in so many different color combos. The black and lime really caught my attention; my eye kept going back to it even though I was trying to study the other blocks.