2022 Finished Quilts

Finishing  Quilts is an Ongoing Process

 So, I have been quilting since the late 1970's.  I have started (and completed) many quilts over the past 40+ years!  My kids have so many 'throw quilts' and have asked that I only make bed sized quilts from now on...  Oh,  okay.

Since I am no longer focused on making quilts for the kids/grandkids I now seem to focus on making what I want to make.  Who da thought.... 

Challenge Quilt from 2010.

So, way back in 2010, the Tri-County Quilt (TX) guild had a challenge to create a quilt, using a fabric only one time in the quilt.  I was game, but when putting the binding on the wall-hanging, realized I had duplicated a fabric more than once.  I disqualified myself, and 12 years later,  am just now finishing up the wall hanging.

If you must find the error, look at the green fabrics.

Charity Quilt Kits

In December 2021, I went through my stash and created 35 quilt kits for the Mulberry Chapter to complete.  Amazingly enough, we have gotten 30 of the quilt tops back, either as completed quilts, or tops for me to quilt and finish up.

I made kits using three different patterns.  "Four On The Floor", "Windmill" and "Disappearing Nine Patch". Love how each quilt turned out so differently and colorful.  The first two quilts are the same pattern.  Note how different they turn out with different fabrics.

Windmill 3 yard Quilt

What a surprise!  D9P laid out in a different layout.


by Thimble Blossoms
This was a Houston block builder swap started in 2016. 
We all used the same gray background fabric.  Swap was done in two parts. 
Quilted in April 2022. 
Donated to Quilts for Ukraine.

Oct 2022 Gala Auction Quilt for the Villagers For Veterans 

Just finished piecing this quilt top.   
I will be quilting this top and will be donating
to the Villagers for Veterans Ashley House Orchid Gala in October 2022
July 2022- Quilted and sent on to Villagers for Veterans.

Grandkid Quilts!

OK, as soon as I mention that the kids/grandkids don't want any more quilts, what happens?  Well, in July 2022 the eldest daughter and three grandkids come to visit here in Florida.  What is the first thing they ask to do? Not, let's go to Disney (an hour away), but can we go to the quilt house???  Oh my.  Be still my heart.

We spent a rainy day at the shop (aka quilt house) and got three quilts cut out and pieced!  Grandpa was busy cutting the fabric, grandma was helping kids sew.  Then had the grandkids 'laying out' their blocks on the floor.  In one day, we got all three throw sized quilts (approx 48" x 60") cut out and pieced.  Backings are made and ready to quilt.  Kids wanted to stay up late and quilt them, but Disney was calling.  Went to Disney World the next day.

My IntelliQuilter is in the shop (visiting Ohio), hoping to get back soon so I can get these puppies quilted.