2020 Finished Quilts

Finished Quilts in 2020

Boys Crib Quilt (Charity) - 1/2020  

Cute little DNP (Disappearing Nine Patch) quilt put together at retreat in Jan 2019.  Quilted in Jan 2020 and donated to charity.

Nana Garden Baby Quilt - 1/2020  

This quilt was started about the time my first granddaughter was born in 2006.  Ended up doing a couple of other quilts for her instead.  Finished up September 2020.

Pineapple Quilt -  

Started this one in 1999, finally finished up February 2020.  Totally scrappy red and 'off' white pineapples.  Gold centers and black triangles round out the design.  Ribbon winner in March quilt show.

Batik Spider Web - 3/2020 -  

Batik Spider Web  Foundation pieced. Scrappy batiks, same soft yellow background.

Triangles with Pineapple - 3/2020   

56 x 70" HST with appliqued pineapple in the center.  Started in 2004

Amish Table Runner 4/2020.  

For some reason, didn't get a picture of the finished table runner.  

Rachael's Amish Quilt - 4/2020.  

Started in 1999.  I designed this Amish inspired  quilt.  The grays go from dark to light as do the colors.  All solid fabrics.

DNP - Disappearing Nine Patch - 7/2020    

Batiks and the same navy fabric were used in this swap block exchange with the Thursday Night Bee.  98 x 110

Candy Pinwheel - 9/2020

  Oops- where is the picture??

Missouri Two Step 4 Quilts (Charity) 9/2020

Did a swap with my Block Builder group that meets once a quarter.  We swapped blocks (Missouri Two Step by Missouri Star).  I made 90 blocks,  Didn't like the OVER Scrappiness of the quilt, so turned the blocks into 4 smaller lap sized quilts and donated to Comfort Quilters at West Houston Quilt Guild.  It really needed something that was consistent.  We had just used BITE fabrics for background, but was still too much.

Dougbe River School Donation Quilt 10/2020  

Quilted this one up just in time to donate for the Dougbe River Auction fund raiser in October.

Barb's Quilt 11/2020 

Finished up blocks that were in Barb K. estate..  Gifted to her daughter 11/2020

Rachael's Hawaii Quilt 12/2020

Fabric squares Rachael purchased in Hawaii in 2017. 
Finished and gifted 12/2020.. It is HUGE!!!

T-Shirt Quilt 12/2020

Favorite t-shirts from our travels, including family reunions at remote destinations.