2021 Finished Quilts

Finished Quilts in 2021

Bars Swap - Fractions Variation

Swapped blocks with our Houston Block Builder group.  
Started Oct 2017, finished Feb 2021. 
76" x96"

Dream Quilt

This is a quilt that I started working on in 1995!  There are 285 pieces in each block.  These are NOT 'paper pieced' or 'foundation pieced'.  Each piece was cut out individually, except for the very center star, where I used (at the time) an innovative method of piecing some strips together and cutting those diamonds.  Even had a special ruler for it.  Each block is the same, just the values are changed, making the blocks look different.

The very first block I did was the 2nd row, first column block.  kinda Red, White and blues.  Over the years, my taste in fabrics changed a bit and went more towards purples, greens and pinks.  It was named 'Dream Quilt', because I totally fell in love with this quilt, and would be a dream come true if I were to ever finish it.  Well, over 25 years later...  it is a finish!

Close up of block and quilting.

Farm Quilt

Cute little focus fabric with different farm animals in each border.
Started 2005, and languished until finishing in Feb 2021

Missouri Cabin Fever Charity Quilts (3) - 2/2021

Committed to making three charity quilts for the Cabin Fever Quilt Guild in Missouri.  They sent scraps.....  I supplemented and added my own fabrics, batting and backing.  Three lap quilts.

One Block, Many Quilts   (4/2021)

No pictures of this one.

Smokey Mountain Stars

Started this quilt in 2006.  Worked on it mostly at different quilt retreats over the years.  All scrappy batiks.  Mostly blues, but other colors for the spikes to add interest.  King sized  108 x 116".

Gifted this to my niece (Baylee & Noah) for their wedding in March 2021.

Untitled - Charms on Gray (4/2021)

Gifting to my SIL for all the work they did moving my MIL to Assisted Living This is two charm packs and yardage for the gray strips.

Winter Flannel Quilt (1/2021)

Flannel Log Cabin (4/2021)

Flannel Log cabin.
Pieced at retreat in April 2018, quilted and bound Feb 2021.  45" x 60"