Sunday, January 10, 2021

Trail Mix 2021 - Quilt A Long (QAL)

 2021 Trail Mix QAL (Quilt A Long)

I belong to a IO group that is starting a QAL (quilt a long) starting January 11, 2021 to 'enable' us to work on and complete a Trail Mix Quilt.  This is a quilt that I have admired for years and years, but never had time to work on it, due to working at my 'day job'.  Now,  am in my second retirement, and can spend time with these great fabric stash-busting projects.

This is a GREAT quilt to use up your fabric stash.  Or, if you like, use controlled colors such as all reds or all blues.  Me, I will be using scraps from all over the spectrum.  I plan to use a LIGHT trail, although many choose to use a DARK trail.

How To Participate

Download the FREE quilt pattern* from All People Quilt (APQ)

Share the "Trail Mix 2021" icon below on your Facebook or Instagram feed to let us know you're in.

Follow and share your progress using the #TrailMix hashtag on you blog, Instagram or Facebook.

I will be posting 'easier to follow' instructions than the original pattern from APQ. You can work ahead or follow along in these easy steps.  New steps to be posted each Sunday evening or Monday morning. 

Trail Mix 2021 QAL Badge

Show your participation by displaying the QAL badge on your blog, and have a shortcut to updates at your fingertips.

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Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Quilt Sew A Long (QAL)

What is a  QAL or SAL?

In this COVID world of quilting, how do you get inspired to pick your next project?  Pre-COVID we talked to our quilting buddies or checked out Pinterest.  So, while QAL and SAL have been around before, they are very popular now.

QAL is the acronym of  "Quilt-A-Long", often simply written as "Quilt Along" and simply meaning: "Let’s quilt together"!   A QAL it’s a way for quilters, maybe living far away from each others, to virtually gather together and all work the same project . There are also SAL (Stitch a -Long) and KAL (Knit a Long)

Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Top 5 Reasons to Have Us Finish Your T-Shirt Quilt

 A Finished Quilt is A Good Thing

We are more than happy to create a custom T-Shirt or Memory quilt for you, but for any number of reasons you need some help getting yours completed.

We might ask you to tell us the story behind the quilt, but we won't judge. Some quilts just need a border or squaring up to get the edges straight.  It is amazing how some professional machine quilting will turn a crumpled mess into a beautiful keepsake you will treasure for many many years. 

Sunday, November 08, 2020

Tips For a Successful Block Swap Quilt

Types of Quilt Block Swaps

So, just what is swapping? It's an organized method of sharing a bit of your fabric stash, in exchange for someone else's. It can be a 'remnant' of a predetermined size, a fat eighth, a fat quarter, 2.5" strips, or a completed block. One big benefit is that the swap allows you to sample a new fabric styles that you might not normally purchase. It also allows you to share your favorite fabric passions with other quilters as well. This is a great way to build your scrappy 'stash'.

Block Swaps

Trail Mix 2021 - Quilt A Long (QAL)

 2021 Trail Mix QAL (Quilt A Long) I belong to a IO group that is starting a QAL (quilt a long) starting January 11, 2021 to 'enable'...