Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Will Work For Batiks !

OMG! Found this post in my DRAFTs folder from 2007!   That means that Gail is not 50. but now 65!  Yikes...

Gail is one of the first buddies I made after moving to the Houston area in 2003.  We were both part of the THURSDAY NIGHT BEE - yeah, we met the first Thursday of the month.  The name was original and never changed.

We originally met at a dear friends home, Carolyn Cordes, who passed away this last week.  The monthly meetings were at Carolyn's home and we worked on charity quilts, birthday blocks and other quilt block exchanges.  Carolyn was an inspiration to us all.  She did a lot of hand quilting, and later on let us machine quilt her quilts. We will miss her.

Birthday Fun

My buddy Gail turned 50 on August 20th  (2007). As her best friends we were obligated to do some embarrassing things. Linda made the cute hat and provided the jewelry (including the tiara). I photoshopped her picture from her 49th Birthday and added the "Will Work For Batiks" then had the photo printed as a poster and framed it. 

Sorry, the flash wiped out most of the picture, but she had fun opening the presents while we had lunch in a tea room in Baytown, TX.  Oh, did we mention the alligator gifts?  Shortly after moving to Houston, they found an alligator in her neighborhood -  really freaking out this east coast gal...  LOL  We also included many alligator related gifts that she still displays to this day!

We moved to The Villages, Florida in March 2021.  This is a tribute to my Bee Buddies, Carolyn and all my friends that I left behind in Texas.  Love you guys.  Nita, Ms. Grupa, Gail, Connie, an all the others. Love you and miss seeing your smiling faces.


Monday, May 03, 2021

What is a Fat Quarter?

What is a Fat Quarter?

Have you heard someone refer to a "Fat Quarter" and wasn't sure what they were talking about?  Well, along with a couple of other Quilting Terms,  Fat Quarters came about as a great marketing tool for selling more fabric.  

A fat quarter of fabric is a one-fourth yard cut that usually measures 18" x 22"*. To create a fat quarter, cut a half-yard of fabric, 18" ​along the fabric's lengthwise grain, then cut that piece in half at its midpoint as illustrated..   Fat quarters are sold individually or packaged in a bundle.

Friday, April 30, 2021

All About Quilt Block and Fabric Swaps

Early Block Swaps

I love to swap blocks, fabric strips, fat quarters or whatever is involved with quilt things.  

I have been quilting for many many moons, (yikes - since 1978) and have been participating in block or fabric swaps since around 1983 when I first swapped 3" x 6" Flying Geese blocks.  OK, these weren't the fancy dancy "4 at a time" or "no waste" flying geese'.  These flying geese were made the old fashioned way, where we cut (with real scissors) real triangles, then sewed them together. No rotary cutters at that time!  Yeah, I am an 'old lady' of 65 and was quilting in the 'dark ages'.

Old Fashioned Flying Geese quilt block
Flying Geese (made with two HST)

Thursday, April 29, 2021

8 Key Steps for Beginning Quilters Making Their First Quilt

Quilting Steps For Beginners

There are several basic steps of  quilting for completing a quilt whether you are a beginner quilter or an advanced quilter..  .  Each of these areas define a separate step of the quilt process. Every step is important, and some of these steps might NOT be included in YOUR first quilt.

Will Work For Batiks !

OMG! Found this post in my DRAFTs folder from 2007!   That means that Gail is not 50. but now 65!  Yikes... Gail is one of the first buddi...