Thursday, February 01, 2007

Stashbusters! Long Overdue!!!

Recently joinged the Yahoo group Stashbusters. I stopped counted my UFOs as I neared 100. We recently moved, and I have fabric and projects in rubbermaid containers, boxes, bags and in every nook and cranny.

My New Year resolution was to get more organized and get control of my stash and UFOs (UnFinished Objects).

Well it's now Feb 1, and I've made some progress; but have a loooonnnnggg way to go.

I've ramped up my eBay store and have started putting together some Fabric Kits for auction, starting at .99 each. We'll see how that goes. Mostly I'm starting with flannel, in kits that will make nice lap size throws.

Cleaned up and organized my studio! Wow, was that an undertaking! Found a lot more stuff that I plan to auction off as well. Look for some nice LOTS of cross stitch items. Already sold several lots of longarm thread. Still have a couple to go. Think they would do better if I didn't put them all out at once.

Reorganized the eBay room! Have found all sorts of new quilting supplies that I just didn't have time to list, and am now getting those listed. Most of these are listed at about 10% off. Have you ever noticed that all the 'How to sell on ebay' reports tell you to sell things, but not how to do it efficiently? Maybe I'll write an ebook on how to do that! LOL

Next room to tackle is the Master Bedroom closet. Basically the whole floor is covered with shoes. I'm going to IKEA and see if I can find some shoe racks and clear those out. Then I'm going to use those Space Bags that I bought several years ago, and actully put stuff in them! (Not a lot of need for wool clothes here in Houston!). Also, since I've been losing so much weight, I'm going to purge those clothes that are getting too big.

To reduce (or limit) the growing stash, I'm really going to limit the new purchases of fabric. That INCLUDES buying BOLTS of fabric for personal use!
Here are the new rules:

1- I will SHOP my stash first!
2- I will stop browsing the vintage quilt tops on ebay
3- I won't be afraid to use the 'last' of a fabric.

Whew!~ that's enough to start with.

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Nicole & Phil said...

welcome to the group...I hope the group inspires you to get this UFO pile down, and increasse your finished quilt pile!
i am ignoring my UFO's for the moment, and only working on new projects (from start to finish) using my stash!
Would love to see photos of your stuff when you can
Nicole, Berlin, Germany