Saturday, April 28, 2007

Brenham Wildflowers

Everyone always talks about the Bluebonnets in Spring in Texas, but there are lots of other flowers blooming as well. At least here they don't mow them, and let everyone enjoy them. Several of us from my Thursday Bee went on a field trip to check out the quilt shops in Brenham Texas and in Giddings Texas. Found these flowers along highway 290. Couldn't resist stopping and snapping a few photos.

What you don't see in these pictures is the car inching its' way down the highway as I'm wandering in the weeds, hoping I don't run across a snake! I told them I would teleport back to the car if I saw one.


swooze said...

Nice pics. Thanks for sharing.

Jeanne said...

The flowers are so pretty! I wish my yard looked as colorful, but that would require work.

Greenmare said...

oh pretty pretty flowers! I see quilt written all over those pictures!

Quilter Kathy said...

Very pretty flowers! I enjoyed seeing them.

bingo~bonnie said...

ew moved here to Orange, TX in '05 and I have been told many we have to go see the bluebonnets when they bloom - that people take their kids and set them in the middle fo the fields and take photos.

Nora is turning 5 in June and the twins will be 2 in June.. and I'm thinking this spring may be the year for us to go exploring - only I really have no idea where to go.

you say Hwy 290? Any other details you can share on best place to go, things to do? where to stay? We'll probably make it a weekend trip.

Thanks! ~bonnie