Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sue Nichols at Greater Houston Quilt Guild

Sue Nichols was at our guild meeting last night at Greater Houston Qilt Guild. What a delight! Her slide show was a history of domestic machine quilting, but the slides did not do justice to the actual quilts that she showed afterwards! Probably everyone has heard of the BEATLES QUILT, well she had the BABY BEATLES quilt there and it was awesome! Her colors are so vivid! I would love to take a class on Sue and Pats creative side.

Her machine quilting on her domestic machine is great. Very traditional, but very dense and detailed. Just wonderful. She will be at the WEst Houston Quilters Guild this evening and another workshop tomorrow.


swooze said...

Thanks for sharing. I will have to check her book out. I want to improve my machine quilting skills!

Jeanne said...

I wish I had the color sense that Pat and Sue have when making their quilts. They always make me smile.