Monday, July 30, 2007

Sad Day in Paradise

Today was a very sad day at this house. Jon sold his airplane, and today the new owner left with the airplane. Jon built this airplane and I think he is going to be kicking himself from now on for selling it. He has been getting sympathy calls from his friends. He plans on building another one, but who knows?

(Picture is of "Beautiful Bette")

Before Jon starts his new project, we have another couple of projects to design and complete. First on the list is turning the barn into his 'workshop'. Right now, it is not weatherproof, and everything that is out there now is rusting. So, need to get it sealed up a little better, insulation, A/C, lighting and a few other things, like the fence and a road back to the barn (I mean 'shop').

THEN, we get to turn the current 'shop' into my new STUDIO! After that, my current studio will turn back into a guest apartment. Then the dining room can revert back to being a dining room and so on! I think I just need to start carving out a corner in the shop for now, but have to work on 'bug proofing' it first! LOL!

Let's see, wonder if I can scoot his Harley over to one side without tipping it over! Boy, would I be in trouble!!! Going to have to get some BEFORE pictures and show the progress!. You'll see that there is a lot of work, and won't happen overnight.


Sharon Dixon said...

Betty, it is a beautiful plane....I love red....and I can see why Jon is feeling sad about selling it. I'm sure he'll perk up once he starts shopping for a new one. I meant to ask you at lunch today if there will still plans in the works for you to move your studio. Glad to know it's going to happen for you. Life is always changing, isn't it?

swooze said...

Pretty plane. I know what you mean about regretting selling it.

Judy said...

Great plane and an awesome task to build such a treasure. We went thru the same kind regret with a 70's muscle car.....and ended up buying it back several years later!