Thursday, March 13, 2008

National Quilt Day - Mar 15th

March 15th is National Quilt Day. Find details at NQA (National Quilting Assoc).

Here are some suggestions of what YOU can do on our special quilt day!

* Finish a UFO (unfiinished project). Let's see some movement of projecs from the UFO list to the Finished or Ready to Quilt Lists!!

*Start a NEW Project! This can be from existing stash or go shopping!

*Teach someone to quilt. Get a group of friends together, your kids or grandkids and introduce them to quilting with some beginning quilting lessons. Think of how much knowledge YOU already have.

*Learn a new technique Look through all those books and patterns that you have already and try something new! Could be applique, needle felting, or even paper peicing!

*Go to a Quilt Show This might not be as easy for some, but here in Texas, you can find a quilt show on almost any weekend. In fact, I think the Dallas show is this weekend!

Me? I'll be puttering around my studio. I'll work on some UFO's, do a little organizing, and get caught up on some quilting!

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Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Great ideas - I started a new are you coming on the UFO's?