Sunday, April 06, 2008

Charity Quilt Challenge

I'm in several quilt bees, and one of them came up with a 'challenge' where everyone in the bee used a yard of fabric (from the same bolt) and have 4 months to put together a quilt top using at least 4 others fabrics. Well, I tookI took the idea to one of my other bees, (otherwise known as the Thursday Night Bee) and had just gotten in a bolt of some wild fabric.
Rules are simple.

1. Have to recognise the original fabric (in other words you can't cut it up so small that you don't recognise it)

2. Use at least 4 other fabrics from YOUR own stash.

3. Complete it the top in 2 months

4. Have to donate it to the comfort quilt project a the April Guild meeting.

We had bee at my house Thursday, and got 5 of them quilted on the longarm. A couple others were quilted already. Since we are going to let the guild vote on which one they like best, I won't show any pictures until we have the vote. They turned out totally different!
How about you? What a great idea to take back to your guild. Challenge your sewing groups to get their creative juices flowing!


Carla said...

Betty,what a fun challenge!

Anonymous said...

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bingo~bonnie said...

Did I miss the product photo of this challange fabric??? or did you post it? no?

I've got a similar challange coming up for a retreat I'm going to next month. We each got a FQ to use and have to make something - anything - sky's the limit.

I still have no idea what to do with it yet. Maybe I need to post a photo of the fabric over on my blog and see if my readers can drum up any ideas...? ;)