Thursday, January 08, 2009

Favorite Quilts

How many of you have a favorite quilt? This old lap quilt was the first quilt that I quilted on a longarm. Back in 2000 during an ice storm, I pieced this flannel quilt, did a medium size meander after taking a longarm class at Quilters Nook in Tulsa, OK (shop now closed). Anyway, even though my dog teethed on the corners of this quilt, and chewed a hole through the middle of it, it is still my favorite quilt, and the one that is in my chair (or over my legs) year round.

In 2000, after working on the quilt above, I started another quilt; a calendar type quilt from "Joined at the Hip". Can't find the pattern on their website any longer so am guessing that it is out of print. I really like working on this quilt. I did it all with flannels and each block has a basket, flowers and a star tucked in somewhere. I did a freehand McTavishing/flame kind of filler around the baskets. I'm entering it in the quilt show next month and titled it "Flowers, Baskets and Stars, Oh My" for lack of a better name! I wonder if this will replace my 'old faithful' quilt that I have brought with me to quilting retreats, car trips and snuggled under for the past 7 or 8 years! Finally moving the Baskets quilts from UFO's to FINSHED! Yippee.

I picked up my knitting needles in December while family was visiting. Since I couldn't spend time out in my studio, I had to do something to keep my hands busy. So, I finished two scarves, one pictured that goes with my new leather coat, and the other one I gave to Lindsey. I started a third one, but haven't finished that one. Not as happy with the third one as the color changes look rather funky. I'm thinking about pulling that out and starting over with a different stitch.

The pattern was pretty simple. Use size 17 needles, get your hubby to cast on 10 stitches, then do a knit stitch on every row until it is the length you want. Cast off. Bury the ends. My daughter said to NOT put fringe on it, so that made it even simpler! Oh - you're wondering about hubby casting on for me? That's because I've got a lot more experience with a crochet hook than knitting needles, and he remembers how to do from when he watched him mom do it as a kid. How cool is that?

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