Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Project for 2009

OK, I know my resolutions were to finish up projects, and 'try' not to start new projects unless I really plan to get them finished. I agreed to join this swap with my Monday morning Bee (The Katy Rotary Club" to do the pattern "Around the Block" by the Rabbit Factory. Cynthia Regone, local talent extraordinaire is organizing the swap in our Bee. This looks like a fun quilt, and most of the Bee members are participating. Cynthia is a good teacher and she will break this down into easily done steps that all of us will be able to get it done.

The first step was to make 18 9-patches that are red and cream. Red on the inside (negative blocks). Those are due tomorrow and I am done with those blocks. Off to a great start!

Now, for the other project(s) that I bought stuff for is BEADING! My artsy friend Linda Minton is going is give us some beading lessons at our retreat in March. After our FML lunch last Monday we stopped at Beadaholic and found lots of cool things. I'm really chomping at the bit to get started on some of these.

The green beads are for a bracelet, not sure how to describe the bracelet, but you use silver wire and little groups of 7 crystals. Stay tuned for pictures when that is done.

On this project, the turquoise will be the focal point, and Linda is going to show how to make some sort of braid with the other beads. I forgot what kind of braid she called it, but sounds cool. The beads are a chocolately brown, turquoise and a muted gold color. None of these beads are shiny, and are all colors that are in the round turqoise piece.

These red beads are for a pair of earrings. I want to do some twirly girly twists with a few of the black beads in the silver, and then wrap some silver wire around the triangles. Hopefully Linda will be able to understand what I'm looking for. I think that this project will be fairly simple - Except - trying to make both earrings look the same!

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