Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year, New Goals, New Directions

Well, 2008 was certainlyl an eventful year. My first granddaughter was born, survived my first hurricane (we evacuated for Rita), bought land for retirement, saw a black man elected president. Hmm, all that was just in the last quarter of 2008. That's not to say nothing happened the rest of the year. Just that those rather over-shadow the first part of the year!

We had the whole family here for Christmas, and Chloe has grown so much, and is such a cutie. This picture she is just over 3 months.

Was nice to have everyone here. Why is it that Lindsey is always in her pajamas when we take a picture? In the background are the palm trees that Jon got me for Christmas. I loved the palm trees at our old house, and these will make a nice screen between us and the new house behind us.

My daughter Lindsey is the artsy one. She designs product packaging for HEB, a regional grocery store in Texas, and this was one of the labels that she put on the homemade goodies that she made for Christmas. Her finance is the 'meat' guy at HEB and Lindseys last name is Baker. Harley made venison jerky and Lindsey made some awesome cornbread and hot pepper jelly.


Sharon Dixon said...

Oh Betty, Chloe is beautiful!

bingo~bonnie said...

You're right - what a year! I'm new to your blog and have been reading back today... and wanted to comment and say..

Congratulations on Chloe ;) I love that name - I have perfume called that that like to wear - have you heard of it?

also we evacuated for Rita - the eye came right up the TX/LA state line right where we are. .. and then last fall evacuated twice back to back and IKE left 1/3 of our county under 8' + of salt water. We are so greatful that our home was ok each time, but jsut 10 miles form us all of Bridge City was under water and all of those people are having to start over. so sad.

hope you didn't have damage from IKE.

Talk to you soon - I'm enjoyin your blog ;) ~bonnie