Monday, February 23, 2009

Quilts Show is OVER!

The Quilt Show wrapped up Saturday afternoon. All in all, I think it was a huge success. Board meeting is Wednesday night and we're supposed to get some numbers for attendance, donation quilt and tin can raffle. I think we outdid previous shows. At least, the vendors were HAPPY, so apparently the economy didn't slow these quilters down!

Our Thursday Night Bee won a combined total of 22 ribbons! That is awesome! Out of those ribbons, I won 2 first place blue ribbons on my quilts, and several of the quilts that I quilted for others also won ribbons. Pictured is the one I won in the Hand Applique - One Person - Professional Category. The other one was for my 4-Patch & Furrows quilt - in the Machine Pieced - One Person - Professional Category. This was a simple pattern that I got from, but the judge seemed to like the piecing and the way I fussy cut the border. OK, for some reason I don't have a picture of that one. Linda said she would email one to me that she took during the show. Here is a link to when I was asking suggestions from YOU guys on the borders. (I still have blonde hair!)

I'm especially proud of Nita B. who won her FIRST EVER ribbon and it was a BLUE RIBBON as well. Hers was a perfectly pieced Flying Geese Quilt with civil war type fabrics. Her fabric choices were great.
Oh, the ribbons are cool - if I say so myself. I was also on the Ribbons committee with my good buddy Sharon. The FMLC club did most of the work, and then were finished up by the Comfort Bee. Sharon had seen a ribbon attached on a winning quilt online. A little research showed it was from the East Cobb Quilters Guild and they very graciously not only gave us permission to use the ribbon, but sent us detailed instructions on how to make them! What an great bunch. I am definilty going to visit them next time I am visiting my daughter in Atlanta.


Karen E. Overton said...

Sounds like a wonderful show, I'm sorry I didn't make it your direction -- but the retreat was going too great to leave even for a quilt show break! Hope our paths will cross soon. Congrads on all the ribbons!!

Millie said...

Congratulations on all those blue ribbons! Beautiful quilt and it sounds like a wonderful quilt show.

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

OK, I sent you the picture ... now you have to post it!
Congratulations again, Betty ... well deserved!