Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Recycle, Reuse, Panic!

Anyone who is on the Quiltville yahoo list, knows about recycling men's cotton shirts. Well, I had kinda ignored those posts, thinking, I DON'T need more fabric. So, I didn't pay much attention as to the best methods for chopping these shirts into usuable fabric. Thanks to those that sent me links on the best way to get the most fabric.

Well, one of my customers brought me 140 western style shirts to make 7 quilts. This is what 140 of the puppies look like! That is the 3 overflowing box, and the big box next to it that isn't quite filled to the top! Over the weekend, I did manage to go through two of the paper boxes and have cut those into quite a bit of fabric! I'm surprised how much fabric there is. I did not save the cuffs, collars and yokes. Although after I made my second or third trip to the trash, hubby asks if I am going to save any of those cool snaps to put in the borders! I think not, as those would hard to quilt over and around.
[Note to self: Cut shirts BEFORE vaccuuming the rugs].

I did send her to the website to look at scrappy quilts, but she ended up choosing the "Yellow Brick Road" pattern to make the seven quilts. I want to get the rest of the shirts dis-assembled, then will start laying out color combinations. I will have lots of neat solids, stripes and plaids to work with.

Finished up a couple more T-shirt quilts this week, and got several more in. Graduation is always a busy time!

Tuesday was another day of RAIN! Good grief, we had 10 inches last weekend. Yesterday, we had at least another 10. The creeks around us (Big Cypress and Little Cypress) were over the banks and up to the bottom of the bridges. On Grant, the same creek was actually over the road. Our yard was pretty much under water all day, looked like it did after Hurricane Ike last fall. I drove down to the mailbox since the road was mostly under water. Sure glad I did, because as I was turning back into our driveway, there was a water mocassin swimming across the road. I'm such a woose, even in the big 'ole car I was scared by a 3 foot snake. Maybe because his brother was on our back porch after the last rain. I stayed in the house until hubby got home. Of course he had disappeared by then.


Anonymous said...

It took me awhile to "get" the Disappearing 9 patch quilt, but when I did, I saw it's beauty. When it comes to the turning 20 quilt, I'm still at the "don't understand" the design. Can you explain this to me, as I see a lot of people seem to love it. BTW, I think your husband's suggestion to keep the snaps was a great idea; even though it would be a great hinderance when quilting.

Betty said...

Hi Rosaline, Turning Twenty and Yellow Brick Road are a lot alike. You make 4 or 5 basic units, then by turning them in different directions you get the super scrappy layout. I think the Yellow Brick Road pattern is a lot easier than a lot of these type patterns. Terry Atkinson does a great job of pattern writing.