Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finally unloaded the camera, and found pictures over the last month or so.  I really did plan to get pics loaded here, so there will be a variety of subjects today.
First - just a preview of our Donation Quilt for West Houston Quilters Guild (WHQG).  We're just finishing the last of the applique in the borders and it will be ready to go to the quilter.  Our quilt show is April 2011, so there are lots of details still being worked on.  The batiks almost glow against the black background.  The colors in the picture don't quite do it justice.  What looks red on my screen is actually more of a HOT PINK.

I think I mentioned earlier that I've started knitting.  It's about as addictive as quilting.  Afterall, it is fiber, and both are Fiber Arts!   One of the best ways to learn to knit is to just get in there and do it.  Now, you need to get in your rhythm and learn knit and purl stitches, stitching in the round and so on.  Well, the BEST thing to do with those first projects is to FELT them.  That way, no one sees your mistakes (what mistakes??)  Because, when it is felted, all those little goofs just melt away!  Gotta love it.

My favorite peice that I finished is a little basket. It's done with 100% wool, then washed in the washing machine with hot water.  This is made from Cascade 200 wools.  You can't really tell after it felted, but there is a stripe of varigated green/brown where the knobbie things are.

I have also made several of the obligatory Knit Cushion to hold Knit needles, and other tools.  I did add a 4th layer to the one shown, and made one in reds for my friend Michelle who is also learning to knit.  Nita - you don't get one until you learn to PURL! 

And last but not least, I have to show what NOT to use when felting.  If something says Super Wash, or is not 100% wool, it's not going to be successful.  The dark red is Cascade 200, the pink part is Lion Brand Wool-Ease.  It does not felt at all, and I have a beany sort of hat.  So, I would suggest the Wool-ease for Afghans or anything you want to throw in the wash.  I threw this in twice on HOT. 

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