Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Babies!!

We have new babies!  They were born March 1 and have already tripled in size.  Meet Gertrude and Gladys - those are the girls on the right.  Shiner is the Blue Healer looking at them, trying to decide if they are toys and what the heck are they doing there.  Since Houston has been so cold, we have their coop in the house, but they will be moving outside as soon as it is not so cold at night. We do take them outside during the day, and they mostly just run around in circles.

The next picture, 'the girls' are a few days older and feathers are popping out all over.  It is amazing how fast they are changing.   They say that chicks will bond to 'big' things, and I think they have bonded to hubby.  They certainly like to climb all over him when he gets them out of the coop.

Everyone has heard of PLARN, which is yarn made from plastic bags.  Not sure what I would ever use anything like that for, but have seen some interesting pictures.   However, I ran across an article from the Green Upgrader about handspun recycled newspaper yarn.  What a cool concept. I think everyone would have to agree that this would be a dying art as newspapers are going the way of the buggy whip.   I know a few peple (mostly older folks) that still get a newspaper delivered, but I find I can get pretty much everything I want to know from the Internet or news channel (Uh, yeah - that would be FoxNews). Anyway, back to making yarn from newspapers.  What is interesting here, is that they actually SPIN the paper, making it stronger and into a material that can be knitted (or crocheted).