Friday, January 14, 2011

Local TV Star?? Made my TV debut today!

Had fun this morning talking about my T-Shirt Quilts of Texas business on the local Fox News show this morning.

Was invited to talk about how I got started with making t-shirt quilts on the morning news show today.  Had lots of fun and I PROMISE to learn the difference between the AGGIES and the LONGHORNS.  Let's see, Sharon says "Aggies bleed maroon and Longhorms are orange".

Will load some pictures from the set as soon as I locate the camera!


Linda Teddlie Minton said...

That was really fun to see you on TV, Betty, even though I'm not "local" anymore! Great job, and your quilts looked beautiful.

Deb and Mandy said...

How Cool!

Carla said...

Glad you left your blog on Quilter's Crossing! Now I can what's happening in your world. That's cool about being on TV. Can I have your autograph? ;o)