Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Official Stashbusting UFO Top 10 List for 2011 !!!

Our Thursday Bee has a new challenge this year.  FINISH THOSE UFO'S.  Mariet suggested we do what one of her other Bees are doing, and then Gail S. sent her version of what the Bernina Material Girls are doing.
Make a detailed list of the 10 top UFO's (or Projects Half Done) that you want to complete during 2011.

Then when you show a completed UFO, you can go into more detail on exactly what you had to do to complete the UFO. Each person participating in the challenge will write on a slip of paper the number of points (1 min.-10 max) they think you deserve for the work you did. I will be the only person to see the points--and an average will be given to you on the chart I will be keeping. That's why it is important for you to go into detail the amount of work needed to complete the project.

When you decide on your 10 projects, you can email them to me. I will have a printed page for each person participating and a chart to write the point average you receive as your projects are completed. We will start our Challenge in February and the first meeting you can earn points will be the March meeting. Remember what you show for points must on on the list you turn in to me. So think about your stack of UFOs and determine which ones you really want to work on during 2011 and put those on your list.

Hope to hear that a lot of you will be participating. Have already heard from Jasmine, Mariet, Nita.  We twisted Linda G. arm and she said she will join us.   Join the fun and get some of your projects that are languishing at the bottom of the heap on your shelf or closet floor, bring them out and set a goal of completing at least 1 in the coming months. So get moving and let me know that you plan to participate.

Today is a good day to stay in--so look through your UFOs and come up with a list of 10. Happy Hunting!!!!!

"It may just need binding, a final border, or a little quilting. It does not matter how much needs to be completed because it still qualifies for a "Project Half Done."
1. Blue White square in a Square with Pink & white nine patches. Started 2003   Current Status. In process of enlarging top from double to king size. Not a whole top yet.2. Pineapple – red, White & black. Stuck on borders. Started 1999

3. Road to Fairmeadows. King size drunkard’s path variation. Started 1998 (one block has appliqué ‘2009’) Still in blocks, needs appliqué and border, quilting and completion.

4. What’s the point? Patches on point. Needs border and quilting

5. Boston Commons. Top only. Started 1987

6. BRIGHTS churn dash – blocks only. 2010

7. Piece flying geese “Fly Away” swap blocks

8. Lindsey’s wedding quilt wall hanging. Signed pieces of fabric. 2009

9. 2 panel on point lap quilt. Fabric is cut!

10. Dream Quilt. Blocks are mostly done (277 pieces per block). Needs assembly and some idea of what to do for a border.
Who else is up for this?  the hardest part was deciding on JUST 10 - LOL

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