Sunday, July 03, 2011

Stashbusting News and Other News Fit to Print!

First and most important news is that I am going to be a Grandma again.   BOTH daughters are pregnant and due later this fall.  Bad news is that they did not consult my schedule and older daugher is having hers mid Oct in Atlanta, while youngest daughter is having her first child the first week of November.  Guess when Quilt Market and Quilt Festival occur?  That's OK, I know my priorities..  Those grandbabies - both are girls by the way - are most important.  They have sent pictures of the ultrasounds but I promised not to post them anywhere  :(

Have taken 2 workshops since I last posted.  Karen Stone and Gyleen Fitzgerald.  Both were awesome classes.  Karens' workshop was on the New York Beauty block, which I've done several, but the first half of the day was spent working on selecting fabrics.  Scrappy fabrics galore.  You know what the best part of the workshop was?  Permission to mix regular fabrics with Batiks!   OMG..  I always thought it should be OK, but many people that I swap with (and shall remain nameless) think that is sacreligious.  The supply list said to bring lots of scraps.  I brought a bundle of batik fat quarters.  (Moda Montego Bay - scrumptuous) , but we spent the morning going through SCRAPS and deciding what plays well together and what doesn't.  Sometimes it is starting with a colorful fabric and pulling lots of fabrics in that works with it.  I had a serious urge t just go shopping for fat quarters to expand my scrappy selections!  Not like I don't have enough fabrics, but including some brighter colors that I might be missing.  Great workshop.

The other workshop was with Gyleen.  Making pineapple blocks without paper piecing.   This workshop was using SCRAPS again (my favorite).  Made several pineapple blocks using Christmas strips.  I already had 1.5 inch strips cut because I've been wanting to make a Log Cabin quilt using 1.5 inch strips.  Was lots of fun.  I showed Gyleen my block and mentioned that I wasn't happy with those teensie tiny corners.  She very casually replied that with more experience I would become more accurate with my 1/4 inch seam allowance and those corners would be larger.   (I've only been quilting since 1978).   Again, though, got that "permission" to mix regular fabrics and batiks. 

Not sure I'll finish this quilt.  That's OK, I still  think I would prefer to do the Log Cabin.  Nita and I have been collecting/sharing strips for about a year now.  We both have plenty to make BOTH quilts!  LOL.

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Carla said...

Congrats on being a granny to BEE! Wow both girls pregnant at the same time. That will make birthday visits interesting.