Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Home, New Studio, New Look

Well, it has been awhile since I've posted, but it's because I have been super busy with graduation quilts, buying a new house, and getting ready for moving to new location.  Wow-  a lot has been going on.  Tried FB for awhile, but that is is not as gratifying as blogging.  Hope  I can be more consistant in the posting.

Well, the big new is that we are MOVING!  The movers come September 1, 2012.    I sure hope the new studio is complete by then.  Of course, that is optimistic as they haven't started on my building yet.  Bummer.

East end of new studio.
Here is current photo of studio.....   Right now, it is a mostly empty steel building.  A whopping 24' by 40'  building.  Bare walls, a few lights hanging and two garage doors.  This is the new building for T-Shirt Quilts of Texas and Shadywood Quilts.  We are moving September 1st, and we have NOT started on my buildout yet!  Yikes!!!!

The double garage door you see faces East  and will be replaced with  a solid wall and a couple of windows. 

The west end, is a solid wall with a couple of windows and we are adding an office, half bath and kitchen-ette.

West end of studio
 The contractor (and hubby) assure me that it will be ready by September 1, when the movers are coming to move us, lock, stock and barrel to the new location.

We have to finish hubby's new building, so we have a place to put all of our STUFF!  We currently have an attic, garage, barn and LOTS of stuff that we need to transport to his barn while we are moving. 

I am so excited, and can hardly wait for them to start, but the contractor says it will just take a week to do the build-out and they assure me that it will be done by the time we move.  We'll see....

OK, this is the BEFORE pictures.  I will post as we make progress.

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earthmotherwithin said...

You have obviously been very busy sorting out your new studio and new home. Do hope it is working out for you, and that we might get an update sometime!