Saturday, September 08, 2012

We're HERE!

We have finally finished moving all of our  crap - junk stuff, that we have been accumulating for over 30 years.  We moved from 3/4 acre home with apartment, studio, garage, barn and STUDIO to our new place on 2 acres, larger studio, and HUGE 40 x 30 Barn/Airpane hangar  for Jon.  No garage, so guess where all of the stuff that had accumulated in the garage, apartment, barn and all of the built-ins from the house landed?  Poor Jon, the barn is filled to the gills with antiques, candle making stuff, studio stuff, garden stuff,  every peice of wire, wood, motorcyle and airplane part.  Not to mention all the tools and the AIRPLANE that is out there.   Oh, did I mention that the airplane almost did NOT fit in?  That was NOT a funney moment, when the last thing in was the airplane and it wouldn't fit.  Several things came out, and and we finally got it parked at angle.

OK, here is my studio in process.   At the back is the office and store room.   The steel building was in place when we bought the property, but was was uninsulated bare walls.   We had to add bug proofing, insulation electrical and so on...... 

Flash forward to the sheetrock.  

We have primed, painted, added flooring.  Oh, and a powder room!  Enough is done that we could start the move.  Oh boy, everything landed in the middle of the room.  Piles and stacxks and of bolts of fabric.  Of course all of the back orders of fabric have been arriving.    Did I mention that we had a lot of built in shelving and cabinets at the old house?  Slight miscalculation.   We have no place to PUT things.

Got the quilting machine set up today, a corner for my sewing area, and actually quite a bit of progress.  Had a bunch of built in shelving and cabinets that we couldn't take with us.   I would show pictures, but the camera cables are packed somewhere and I have not located them yet.  I am sure it is in some box the packers labled  "living room misc".  Good grief. 

We had to fire the movers.  Took them 8 hours to load and unload one trailer full of boxes.  They conveniently didn't load the BIG heavy stuff  and when we would point and indicate we wanted the 'big desk'  or 'heavy armoire'  they would sign and indicate that it would need to go on last in the trailer.  Well, then the trailer was too full, and would have to be next trip.   Anyway, long story short, we told them not to come back, paid them off and rented a U-Haul  truck.  Jon and I spent the next 4 days loading and unloading the stupid truck.  needless to say, we didn't get all the things done this week we wanted to, but managed to get everything done.  We both agreed we are too old to be doing this, and I kept suggesting we hire someone else (Labor day weekend - no change).  So, we sweated, hauled and heaved and got it done.

Funny how you get used to little things.  I'm used to the kitchen sink being on the right.  I keep going in and placing dirty dishes on the stove!   Tonight, still had not located the can opener, and Jon used his swiss army knife to get the can open.  He is kinda handy to have around.

Well, more later.

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Carla said...

Can't wait to see the finished studio and the new place.