Sunday, November 24, 2013

UFO's for 2013

 Every year for the past several years, I've listed my top priority projects that have been UFO's (UnFinishedObjects) that I wanted to finish for the year.   Well, at the beginning of 2013, we had just moved not only our home, but our business (T-Shirt Quilts of Texas and Shadywood Quilts).  Not an easy task, let me just say...
We moved right before the Christmas/holiday rush began..   We had contractors building out our new studio, and we were only down about 2 weeks, and then we were working round the clock to fulfill orders.  Granted, there were a few local folks picking up their quilts on Christmas Eve, but hey.. EVERYONE got their quilts before Christmas!  Whoo Hoo!
This year, we made the cut off date a wee bit earlier (last weekend) so hopefully, we can enjoy a trip to visit the kids over Thanksgiving, and still get everything done.
So, here is the official 2013 UFO list and it has been updated with what got done.  Not bad..  However, my bee woosed out, and only Nita and I put our $$ in the pot this year.    No worries, I  am still thrilled that I got so many of these projects completed!    7 out of the top 19.  Yeah, I'm patting myself on the back.

1.  Peppermint Party.  Blue & White square in a Square with Pink & white nine patches.   Started 2003.   Current Status.  In process of enlarging top from double to king size.       
2.    Pineapple – Red, White & black.  Blocks are assembled, need to add borders, quilt, & bind. Started 1999
3.    Road to Fairmeadows. King size drunkard’s  path.  Started 1997 (one block has appliqué ‘1997’)    Still in blocks, needs appliqué and border
4.    What’s the point?   Patches  on point.  Needs to finish piecing, a border and quilting
Finished June 2013 

5.    Boston  Commons.  Top is complete, but might add a border.  Started 1987
6.    BRIGHTS churn dash – blocks only.   2010 (block swap - NO Pitas)
 7.    2 panel on point lap quilt
.  Fabric is cut, one panel is sewn.
Needs: piecing, quilting, binding, borders, label. 2009
Finished June 2013

8.    Dream Quilt.   Blocks are mostly done (277 pieces per block).  Needs assembly and some idea of what to do for a border. Started around 1995
9.    Savannah Stars - Top is done. quilting, binding, borders, label. 2001.  Undo previous quilting.
10.  Chloe's Baby Quilt.  Signatures collected from family members.   Need to piece top, quilt, bind and get it to her before her next birthday in September. Started 2009
11.  Quilt 'n Stitch Sampler (aka Dead People Quilt) .  Bee block exchange done in 1987. (most everyone has passed on:( )  Just have the blocks.  Pieced, added borders,  Pieced back  
12.  Grannies Bloomers Finish piecing king sized quilt. Quilt, & finish.  2000
13.  H is for Halloween. Chloe wants a quilt that she can bring for show and tell.  Is cut out.  need to finish piecing, quilt and bind.   Started 2011    Finished June 2013
14.  Rachael's Amish Quilt.  top is done, needs quilting and finishing.  1999
15.  T-Shirt Quilts ZTA Logo wallhanging.  Re-do borders, quilt,  bind and label.  2010.
Finished June 2013

 16.  Flannel Cheese & Crackers.  Top is pieced, make backing, quilt, bind and label.  2006.  Finished June 2013
17.  Patriotic Stars - top pieced.  2008 (at QGGH Retreat in LaGrange). Added borders,  Pieced back, quilt, bind and label.   Finished June 2013
18.  Smokey Mountain stars -  2006 Most of top pieced.   
19.  BRIGHTS SPOOLS – blocks only.   2012 (block swap - NO Pitas)
Finished Aug - 2013 - add'l blocks made,  blocks assembled, borders added, Quilted.

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