Thursday, September 18, 2014

What Do Quilters Do On Vacation?

Why Quilt of course!

Well, my StashBuster friends will understand.  There is nothing like a new grand-baby to get the grandma juices flowing.

While spending three weeks in Atlanta helping out with the kiddos, Our first stop was Little Quilts in Alpharetta.  I managed to indoctrinate - I mean that 2 of my grand-daughters picked out their fabrics for their ''big girl" beds.  Julia picked 'Kaffe' type fabrics, Chloe picked all BLUES...  What??  I thought she was pink and purple!!  She is growing up.

I am using the same pattern for both quilts, but using the colorways that the girls picked.  I am using the Moda Bake Shop"Jelly Roll Turnover.

Second stop was at Tiny Stitches, where I picked up several Christmasy fat quarters to make Figgy Pudding, a pattern at the Moda Bakeshop.  This little quilt shop had some nice fabrics, but just found the fabrics for this quilt.

Then, because you can just have one, or two, or even three projects going at the same time, I also started a Double Irish Chain quilt using 2 inch strips with a Cheddar Yellow, red and Kona Snow.  Not sure how big I will make it but I have plenty of fabric to make it a large as I want.  Really need some bed sized quilts instead of the lap sizes I've been doing the last several years.

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Carla said...

Missed you. ;o)
Sounds like you're gonna be really busy making quilts now.