Trail Mix 2021 QAL

Trail Mix 2021 QAL

A group of Stash-Busting buddies are going to work on the Trail Mix Quilt over the next several weeks. The pattern is free, and but are going to work on it together - or at your own speed!

How To Participate

    1. Download the FREE quilt pattern from All People Quilt.
    2. Share the "Trail Mix 2021" icon below on your Facebook or Instagram feed to let us know you're in.
    3. Follow and share your progress using the #TrailMix2021 hashtag on IO Group list, Instagram or Facebook.

    I will be posting 'easier to follow' instructions than the original pattern from APQ. You can work ahead or follow along in these easy steps.


    • Week 1 (Jan 7): Introduction, Fabric Requirements.
         Start gathering fabrics 
         Share a comment that you plan to joing us.
        (Many of you have already done that on the Stashbuster IO group -
      Thank you for GREAT RESPONSE!)

    Block One

    • Week 2 (Jan 11): Make 32 Four-Patch Blocks

    Block Two

    • Week 3 (Jan 18): Make 72 Four-Patch Blocks, Make 38 Double Four Patch Blocks

    Block Three

    • Week 4  (Jan 25):  Make 176 2" Four-Patch Blocks
    • Week 5 (Feb 1): Make 44 Triple Four-Patch Blocks

Block Four

    • Week 6 (Feb 8): Assemble 24 Double Nine Patch Blocks

Block Five

    • Week 7 (Feb 15): 9-Patch Blocks

Quilt Finishing

    • Week 8  (Feb 22): Assemble Center of Quilt (before borders)
3/14/21 - Sorry for delay in updating. Texas 'froze over' while we were getting ready to close on new home in Florida. Then packing, then moving, then unpacking, then finding my sewing stuff!

Borders & Finishing

    • Week 9  (Mar 15 ): Cut & Add Borders
    • Week 10  (Mar 29 ): Put it all together

Note: For Stash-Busting IO members, there are additional  files with comments, tips and hints from folks that have done the Trail Mix quilt in the past. Just click on Files/Trail Mix Quilt Along for the files. To join the Stashbuster IO list click here.