Thursday, February 12, 2009

Boring - and a little more exciting!

Started this locker hooked rug a year or so ago. Probably just got bored with it. Used up a BUNCH of old brown yardage from the 80's/90's. The light fabric was another 'dog' that I had somehow acquired multiple yards of fabric. This was made with 1 inch strips of fabric. At least this UFO is FINISHED - and I will put it out in my studio where it will get lots of use and appreciation.
Now this next one is the one I started the other night. It does
have a little more 'kick' to it as I am using 1/2" strips of batiks. The colors on this one are awesome! It was hard to cut up the batiks, but I justified it (in my mind) by cutting the strips in 1/2" widths. I'm using a P size wood crochet hook and it is coming out nicely. I had started this to put under my industrial Bobbin winder that gouges the table top that it is on. I think this might be too pretty to cover up, will put this one in front of my shelves of batiks, giving customers a comfy place to stand while perusing their color choices! If there is any interest, I will post tutorial for how to make this rug and the colors used. Will probably finished this one up this evening.
These are the 3.5" rail fence blocks I got back in our BEE exchange on Monday. This is for the (the pattern "Around the Block" by the Rabbit Factory. We start on the houses next, and the due date is in May. I have two retreats before then that I hope to get 10 of HOUSE #2 paper pieced.

Oh, did I mention that I have finished all my quilting for the Quilt show next week? That is great for me. Last time I was still quilting the day before the quilt turn in date.
Tomorrow I am meeting with a new group of ladies- kind of a Beginner Beyond The Borders.... Other like minded wanna be artists that need would like to try new things. It might be fabric dyeing, piecing with selvedges, jewelry making, ceramics or whatever. The whole idea is to help each other with ideas and then it is up to you to do as little or much as you like. We'll see how that goes. I'm really looking forward to meeting with this new group.

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