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15 Awesome Places to Donate Your Quilts

Generous Quiltmakers

When it comes to quilting, most people don’t realize that we  are not always quilting for ourselves. As you know, a lot of time, effort, expense and love are put into quilts, and it’s incredibly satisfying to give one as a gift.  While you probably think all of our 'excess' quilts are gifted to family members, that is not always the case  After a quilter has made all the quilts she/he wants to make for kids and grandkids, then it becomes, "hmmmmm, who would appreciate my quilts"?

QOV Quilt Althea's Dad
QOV Quilt for Veteran
How do you know where to donate your quilts? There are a variety of options, and it can take a little research to find a needy location that you are comfortable with.   I’ve compiled a list of 10 amazing places for you to donate your quilts! Whether you’d like to donate to veterans, children or hospitals, here are  a few options for you to choose from. 

 Donate to Veterans

 "The point is, each and every one of us can all do something to empower Veterans and makes their lives better. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. You just have to take the time to care"

Quilts of Valor

Quilts of Valor is dedicated to creating and distributing quality quilts to veterans. Catherine Roberts, founder of Quilts of Valor, began the organization after her son was deployed in Iraq. She had one basic principle: quilts = healing. Quilts of Valor has specific requirements for their donations, as they pride themselves on quality and durability. Find their quilting requirements here, and learn more about the organization here.

QOV Recipients
QOV Recipients
Quilting Sisters Guild, Leesburg FL

Villagers For Veterans

Villagers For Veterans sponsors Ashley House and Ashley Cottage Transition Home For Female Veterans.

Ashley Cottage  opened for women veterans transitioning from military life to the real world.  Residents stay from a month up to a year, dealing with issues.  Provide Twin sized quilts for residents that they can keep after completing their time there.

Ashley House - house is almost complete and will house up to six women veterans who are trying to transition from military life to the real world.  Each resident gets to keep her quilt.

Quilts of Honor

Quilts of Honor is a non-profit offering handmade quilts to veterans and active military members. Gail Belmont, creator of Quilts of Honor, is a Vietnam era veteran who has been playing Taps at military funerals since 1969. To ensure that no warrior would be forgotten she began Quilts of Honor. Additionally, Quilts of Honor was asked to by the Navy Seals to make a “Presidential Quilt” in 2007 for President Bush. It was installed in the “9/11 Memorial Display Case” that Fall. Quilts of Honor has chapters nationwide, and like Quilts of Valor, has special requirements for their quilts

Cornerstone Quilts

Cornerstone Salutes Quilts for Veterans  During the Cornerstone Salutes Ceremony, a volunteer veteran will do a reading thanking the veteran for their service and then will present a special pin and Certificate of Appreciation. There are two types of heroes in military families… those that serve and those that stay behind keeping the family together. Therefore, honoring the families of veterans is an integral part of the overall effort of Cornerstone SALUTES! During the ceremony the spouse is presented with a handmade quilt or knitted lap blanket of red, white and blue material. We also present an American Flag pin to the spouse and children of the patient

Honor Flight Quilts

Honor Flight is a national network of non-profit organizations dedicated to transporting as many US military veterans as possible to see the various Military memorials in our nation’s capital at no cost to the veteran. The Villages Honor Flight is our local chapter and has served thousands of veterans to date. Please see: for more info.

The Villages Honor Flight Serves Veterans in Lake, Sumter, Marion, Citrus and Hernando Counties, in Florida

Donate Quilts to Children

 CAC - Children's Advocacy Center

This is the CAC for Florida.  I'm sure there are similar centers in your state that serves the same purpose. These quilts are for children that are in dire need of any kind of support.  Florida has 28 centers covering the entire state. In July 2023, the Mulberry Chapter donated 24 throw sized quilts for the kids in need.

Project Linus

Project Linus (yes, it is in fact named for the popular Peanuts character) aims to provide love and security for seriously ill, or children in need. Many children find comfort in a ‘blankie’, and Project Linus delivers them to hospitals, shelters, social service agencies, or anywhere else love is needed. You can find Project Linus chapters in all 50 states and find the location nearest you on their FAQ page.

Your Local Hospital

You will need to get in contact with a representative to coordinate receiving donations to a hospital.  They usually have some criteria for what they will accept along with what materials they should contain.  They will also let you know what needs they have.  These are usually quilts that go home with an individual.

Your Local Cancer Treatment Center

Cancer patients are often very cold while going through treatment.  Quick throws made from fleece fabrics are great, as they create instant warmth, and are easy to clean.  These quilts will be laundered daily by the facility in order for them to be sanitized.

Ronald McDonald House Charities

The Ronald McDonald House supports children and their families while their children receive medical care. The work to keep parents close to their hospitalized child, and provide safe spaces and experiences for patients and their families. Every child who checks into the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester, Minnesota, receives a handmade blanket to keep. They accept fleece blankets and quilts.

Other Places to Donate Quilts

Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches

The Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches has been improving the lives of at-risk children through its seven Florida locations and comprehensive programs. The Sheriffs Youth Ranches is credited with helping more than 173,000 children and families in Florida.  Check to see if there is a Youth Ranch in your area.  They accept quilts, pillowcases and placemats.

Police Departments

At my guild in Tulsa, OK, we would make and donate quilts to the local police dept. they carry them in their squad cars and when they come into contact with a child, which is never a good reason, the child gets a quilt and it is theirs to keep. Our name is not on them as it is from the officer to that child. It has been a huge success in our area.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are filled with people who are in great need of a sign of love by such a simple thing as a home-made quilt.  In Houston, our guild would select two (or more) nursing homes and supply them with a variety of quilts each year (usually around Christmas).  The joy on the faces of the residents getting to choose from a variety of quilts.  'Really, I get to keep this', brought tears to my eyes more than once.  The women especially LOVED the floral quilts, the guys were pretty happy with most anything, just glad that they were remembered.

 Charity/Comfort Quilts

There are SO many organizations that would love to have your completed quilts.  In Tulsa (way back when) we made quilts that police officers would put in their car (along with teddy bears).  When they had a need, they would hand them out.  In Houston, we concentrated on Nursing Homes or Kids Quilts. After moving to Florida (and in a retirement community) our focus is a little different.  We seem to be focused on veterans, kids, homeless, and other areas of need.




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