Thursday, June 24, 2021

Changing of the Guard!

 OK,  All you folks that have visited the Shadywood Quilts shop.... knows Shiner the shop dog.  He happily greeted everyone who drove up to the shop.  Might be that he barked at you because you went to the house front door instead of the shop.  He sniffed your legs to see if you had lotion on.   And Beth H...  he couldn't figure out where your legs were (because you were always wearing a long dress)..  If you were accompanied by a baby, or maybe a special needs person, Shiner was so in tune, and gave tender sniffs and nudges.   

Our beloved Shiner crossed the rainbow bridge a few weeks ago.  My heart is broken.  He was with us for almost 16 years and was my best friend.  He is no longer in pain, and I'm sure he is chasing tennis balls again with his new found freedom.. 

Love you Shiner.  

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