Sunday, October 24, 2021

Fabric Scissors! The Best In My Opinion!

Scissors For Quilting, Embroidery or Manicures!

I have a 'thing' about my scissors.   I have my scissors that I use for cutting fabrics, and those for paper!

I am so sorry to report that way back when, one of my daughters (sorry Lindsey) did not understand the importance of "my scissors'!  Oh my, she was using them to 'cut her cuticles'!!    WHAT???  I had 'reminded' her so many times that they were not for her personal use, that I made her replace a pair from her allowance.  (By the way, she still has and uses that 'ruined' pair of scissors that she bought- back in the '90's - and yes my little girl turned 40 in 2021 )!


Gingher 4" Scissors

 OK, granted the scissors I had were super sharp Gingher brand scissors.  In my opinion, the best quality scissors and shears since I started quilting many moons ago. I have tried other brands, but especially for use in my business, I always go back to the Gingher brand scissors. 

Scissors for cutting paper have blades with a blunter angle. This allows for clean cutting through the paper while remaining sharp. They are not sharp enough for cutting fabric effectively. Fabric scissors have blades with no serrations and a very sharp angle.

Scissor Maintenance

Your scissors are a tool.  Hubby always told me that when you are buying tools, invest in the best that you can afford.  I have two pairs of  Gingher 8" Shears that I paid big bucks (back in the '80's it was a LOT of money to me), and with good maintenance (and minimal dropping on the floor) have lasted going on 40 years!  

Gingher shears

As I progressed from being a home quilter into being a professional quilter I obtained more shears and embroidery scissors.  I send all of them in every couple of years for a full workup. It's like getting new scissors! has detailed info on taking care of your scissors.   While Gingher themselves no longer does the scissor maintenance, at the bottom of the page references Forveson who does an outstanding job with the maintenance.  Please don't take your tools to that local guy that just grinds on the scissors for a few bucks, or drop them off at the local Joann's or Hobby Lobby.

As recently as six months ago (2021), I sent several pairs of shears to Forveson to sharpen and repair shears. I had one pair of shears a few years ago, where the screw wouldn't stay screwed.  They REPLACED the scissors and returned the un-cashed check along with the new pair.  Another pair that had 'bent' because they got dropped with the blades open....  Like new again! 

Repair Department
322 S. Edwardia Drive, Suite D
Greensboro, NC 27409
(336) 292-6237

Does cutting paper dull sewing scissors? 

Yes, cutting paper will dull sewing scissors. Scissors specifically designed to cut fabric have a sharp edge that abrasive elements in paper dull. That is why scissors made for cutting paper have a dull edge 

Can you sharpen fabric scissors with foil?

If you google 'how to sharpen fabric scissors at home', some popular DIY methods are suggested: Cut through fine sandpaper. Cut through aluminum foil.   I would NOT do this with my Ginghers.

Note Added 5/2022 -  I am NOT happy.  Dear Hubby has commandeered the scissors in the top photo for RC Airplane construction!  Horrors.  He is cutting stuff other than fabric!!!