Saturday, April 02, 2022

Block Builder Swap Blocks

 What Are Block Builder Blocks?

Way back when, when I lived in the Houston area (2003-2021) , I was was involved in TWO Block Builder groups.  The first group was with the Greater Houston Quilt Guild and the second was the NO PITAs group in West Houston (a smaller group where we did NOT allow any known Pain In The Asses folks in the group).

Lynn Roddy Brown
The Houston group included such notables as Lynn Roddy Brown, a good friend of mine. She is my Scrap Quilt Guru! She wrote several books about scrap quilts, and I would say is the EXPERT on scrap quilts..  A good portion of my information, experience and knowledge comes from this sweet lady.

Fast Forward to 2022

We recently moved to Florida from the Great State of Texas.  Have to admit that Texas is the quilters mecca for quilting.  I really miss that.

However, I have found a new group of adventurous quilters that are interested in swapping blocks to make scrap quilts.  Granted, most quilts are going to be donated to some charity, but hey! these folks are excited about a new adventure in quilting.

What is A Block Builder Block?

So, a group of like minded quilters - such as those that like 'scrappy' quilts instead of those three or four colored fabrics... want to expand the 'scrappiness'  (technical term) of blocks.

In Houston, we traded blocks on either a monthly or quarterly basis.  

Here in (The Villages, FL), our quilt chapter is beginning to swap blocks on a monthly basis.  We are starting with very simple nine-patches and progressing with blocks that play nicely with the nine-patches.  After a few months of that, we will branch out into other blocks and sizes. We will see how it progresses.

In The Villages, many quilters are new to the game.  They decided that once they retired, they would start quilting.  Great!  I am all about getting new folks started quilting.  (Oooohh, you thought all old people know to quilt!!!)

Our First Few Blocks - 6" Blocks

Our first block is a simple 6" nine patch block.  Demonstrated an easy way to make 8 nine-patches at a time.   Our first swap is next Tuesday.  Let's see how they do!  April is an hourglass block that plays nicely with the nine-patch block.

Block Swaps